Now Open Everyday From Noon To Midnight! Tickets $27.49 (ages 21+ after 8PM)

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See the Excitement

There are quite a few Las Vegas thrill rides to choose from, but there’s only one that can put you 450 in the air on a line; Voodoo Zipline is one of the most memorable and popular Vegas thrill rides in recent memory, and with so many new families and groups coming to visit the city every year, word is spreading that this is definitely the activity to see for yourself.


Words alone can’t adequately describe the feeling of soaring between the Rio towers at 33 miles per hour on a secure line. As far as thrill rides are concerned, only Las Vegas can deliver one of the most unique and dynamic rides possible with modern engineering. Deceptively simple in its concept, the Voodoo Zipline is a line that connects the two towers; riders travel down from the higher tower to the lower end, secured into a seat with a buckle and harness. The result is something that’s truly breath taking, and not something to miss if you’re looking for thrills in Vegas.

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VooDoo ZipLine, a new zip ride between two of Rio’s towers, sends a pair of riders soaring 490+ feet over the Strip at 33 mph